The Prajapati Samaj of Houston is made up of about 50 families living in and around
Houston. The sole purpose of the group is to create an identity for our children and
to promote community bonding.
In order to promote culture and build a platform for our children to interact with each
other the group organizes community events to celebrate key festivals such as
Diwali, Christmas, new year as well as organize Picnics several times a year.
These social events provide opportunities for children to perform  and gain
confidence in building vital social skills that foster leadership qualities. This form of
exposure is something that is not learnt by reading books or attending classes but
can very easily be acquired by participation in such events.
Another benefit of forming such a group is that we are able to, periodically, break
away from our busy schedules and meet each other and have fun, an activity which
many people these days simply do not give enough importance to.
We have been in existance for the past 10 years starting out as a small group of several families to now over 50
families. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us.
For more information please write  us at
Prajapati Samaj Of Houston Texas
Prajapati Samaj Of Houston
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